About Us

We are the Generals of Gifting, the Regents of Ribbons & the Presidents of Presents!

We live in the North Pole of Party Planning where the "Woohoo's" and "Kazoos" can be heard for miles! We're super busy because every day there's a Birthday, Baby Shower, or Bowling League Championship to celebrate! We even had to create a Giftfund for an office treadmill because of all the cake we eat!

The only time we're on edge is when we suspect a surprise party around the corner, or when the cleaning crew shows up -- do you know how hard it is to vacuum confetti every day!? They tell us it's not easy.

But our absolute favorite part of the day is when the Gifting Gong sounds, telling us someone just created a Giftfund for themself or someone they love. Every time we hear it, we celebrate like Elves on a sugar rush.

Duck! A flying ribbon! Phew…that was a close one.


Giftfund was created out of pure necessity for generosity. Legend has it, our Founder and C.G.O. (Chief Gifting Officer) wanted to unleash the gifting upon one of his closest friends for his birthday. The chosen item was a much-needed Laptop. Apparently spilling coffee on the keyboard is bad for a computer's performance! Good to know.

And then, it happened. That humbling moment when you realize that sometimes your heart is bigger than your wallet. Spending over $1,000 for a friend's 34th Birthday might fall under the category of too generous, even for us! But he knew he had the right Gift, he just needed help organizing and splitting the cost.

Now, anyone who has tried to organize a "Group o' Gifters" knows it can be challenging. You start out a kind-hearted giver, but end up being a private investigator, call-center manager, shipping clerk, and collections officer, shaking down friends and family for the money they owe you. The process alone can induce the dreaded feeling of "present procrastination."

Determined to not let that happen, he spent hours searching the Internet for a solution that could help him from start to finish. Just before he gave up hope, he received a Gift he would never forget…and it came in the form of an idea.

A year later, Giftfund was born...

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