"Frequently Asked Questions"

  • Giftfund is a group-gifting service that makes it easy for friends and family to chip in for bigger and better gifts! Whether it's for a birthday, baby shower, or bowling league championship, Giftfund helps turn dream gifts into reality for any occasion. Giftfund also handles the coordinating of contributions, the shipping and even the collecting! Simply put, Giftfund is the greatest Group-Gifting service ever given...
  • It is only available in the United States. We cannot currently ship outside the USA, but check in often because we plan to give Giftfund to the World very soon! (Intergalactic Group-Gifting should debut in Fall of 2060.)
  • Sounds like a personal question, but YES you can! We encourage you to dream big and create a Giftfund for yourself or use Giftfund for all of your Registry needs! Not only will you get the gifts you REALLY want, but you'll take the pressure off your friends and family from having to guess what to get you! This might be the end of the giant wool sweater as we know it...
  • We have thousands of little Gifting Gnomes that make every gift by hand! Just kidding...sometimes their tiny hands get tired so we also scour the Internet for the best possible prices on millions of gift options!
  • Giftfund is free to download from the app store. Consider it a gift! However, to keep us fully stocked in cake and confetti, a 5% admin fee will be assessed for each gift. Taxes and fees will be included after the gift is selected.
  • Great question! There's a bunch of ways:

    Giftfund Invite though the App:
    The geniuses behind Giftfund made it easy to sync and invite your contacts already stored in your smartphone via text message, or you can input their e-mail addresses manually into your phone.

    Giftfund Invite through the Website:
    You can also invite them directly through our website, Giftfund.com. Since contacts won't be stored like they are in the app, you'll need to input all e-mail addresses manually and we'll take it from there!

    Giftfund Invite through Social Media:
    Just click the easy "Facebook Share Button," located on the Giftfund dashboard. Since social media isn't the best for keeping secrets, you may want to privately share the Giftfund through Facebook's messaging system or post it on your wall with the Giftee excluded.

    Giftfund Invite through Human Interaction:
    You can share the 5-digit "Giftfund Code" with friends and family using words from your favorite language! Once they input the code into the app or website, they'll be magically transported into your Giftfund!

    And if they say "No" to all of those options, we recommend that you create a Giftfund for them -- it sounds like they could use some cheering up!
  • If you planned the Giftfund, sure you can! However, if you joined the Giftfund you will not be able to. That's why being the "Planner of Presents" is so powerful!
  • Taxes will be based on the zip code of the recipient. If the address was not input at the beginning of the Giftfund, 10% will be added to the price of the gift in the interim. After the address is entered, we'll calculate the correct taxes and settle up at that time!
  • 6 months. We figure that's enough time to hit your gifting goals with the friends you do have, but if you need to, it's also enough time to go and make new friends!
  • Are you kidding? No way! They would've had to get in their car, go to the gas station, sit in traffic on their way to the mall, spend an hour looking for a spot in the angry lot, only to realize the mall was closed! Then get up early to head to the mall again, dodge power-walkers, buy a pretzel, spill mustard on themselves, get a new shirt, and then try to find your gift. Then they'd get lost in the parking lot indefinitely, spend the night in 5C next to a family of hungry raccoons, wake up scratched and filthy, then wrap the gift, stand in line at the post office, catch a cold, then the flu, pay for shipping, and after all of that, find out they got the wrong size and repeat the steps all over again. See!? Creating a Giftfund for yourself is actually one of the most thoughtful things you could do for others!
  • Yes, as long as the request is received 48 hours prior to the Giftfund deadline, just e-mail us at support@giftfund.com and we will refund your contribution. Our Gifting Gnomes can be pretty sensitive though, so we'll break the sad news to them over some birthday cake for breakfast.
  • Gifts are selected by the "planner."
    In the event that the gift(s) are purchased and a balance remains, that remaining balance will be used toward a virtual or physical gift card from Amazon.com. And if there's a huge balance left over, it probably means that you have a super rich group of friends...can we meet them? Are any of them single?
  • Ha! Nice try! We can always spot a fake question when we see one. This has literally never happened. That said, if you need a different size or the color aquamarine makes you look like a sea turtle, then you can e-mail us at support@giftfund.com and we'll make sure you're happy. After all, our mission at Giftfund is to End Bad Gifting once and for all!


"Not as Frequently Asked Questions"

  • Unless she's a huge fan of mesh-mascot-shirts with someone else's name on the back, or slow cooking a rump roast is her favorite hobby, you got a long way to go, dude. We really think you should click "Gift Ideas" in the Giftfund app or website. We built that genius gifting section just for you...
  • Well, first you should take a shower. Then you might want to burn the clothes you were wearing and funnel that enthusiasm into writing 'Thank You' notes in the Giftfund app or website! Either way, let's keep this between us.
  • Umm…we're not going to lie, people might think you're super weird. I guess it depends on the pet - if it's a monkey, it might have an e-mail address and can open gifts - but if you're creating a Giftfund for a goldfish, you might flounder on hitting your Gifting goals.
  • If that's the case, how are you reading this right now…?
  • If that's all you have to give, sure. However, you may want to click the "Anonymous" tab when gifting so the Billionaires don't think you're stingy.
  • Yeesh. No comment.
  • Unless you're eating a plate of spicy nachos while Gifting, you're totally fine! The thoughtful, internal radiance you feel is something we call the "Giftfund Glow." You might also hear an imaginary orchestra playing sweetheart serenades just for you. However, if you were in fact eating spicy nachos, you should probably call a doctor.
  • This is preposterous! We have Gifting gnomes way older than you!
    So throw on your celebratory suspenders or your blinged-out broach because with Giftfund, you're never too old to waltz into wish lists and breakdance your way to better birthdays!
  • Absolutely, without question, 100%, YES!
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