1. Create a Giftfund

Can’t afford that dream gift for someone for their special occasion? Create and publish an Giftfund and get your mutual friends and family to help turn the dream into reality.


2. Pick Gifts

Select at least 3 gifts ranging from cool to spectacular based on price. Start small and then reach for the stars for that dream gift. No telling how many people will want in or how much they will contribute.

3. Invite Friends

Invite your mutual friends and family using our super-innovative technology of Text and Email notifications. Ok, it may not be that innovative but boy, do we make it easy.


4. Manage Giftfund

No more worrying about tracking who’s in and who’s out, collecting or wrapping and shipping gifts. Giftfund handles it all. All you need to worry about is saying ’’I know’’ to everyone who tells you how awesome you are for making this happen.

5. Get Started!

Create a GiftFund on the app and start surprising your friends!